"Why do we feel the need to share cruel, unwanted, and unsolicited comments on people's appearance?"

By Faith Brar
Updated: October 20, 2016

A London-based artist is taking over the Internet after creating a statement-making dress covered in comments people have made about her body.

"This piece isn't [...] a vanity project, or a pity party," JoJo Oldham writes on her website. "I'm not trying to make people feel sorry for me just because somebody once told me I have thunder thighs, weird knees, sausage fingers, and minging teeth. There are plenty of compliments on the dress, too."

These negative and positive comments are a way for Oldham to reflect on her journey of self-acceptance. Though she has come a long way, she feels like there's definitely more progress to be made.

"The love I have for my body these days is something I've had to learn, and it requires constant maintenance," she says. "Most of the thoughts that creep into my head uninvited are negative. I bat them swiftly away, but they still keep coming."

A lot of how Oldham feels about her body has to do with her personal perception, but Oldham created this dress to show the power words can have on personal body image.

"A great compliment has the power to make someone's day. But why do we feel the need to share cruel, unwanted and unsolicited comments on people's appearance?" she says. "The nasty things people have said about my appearance don't upset me anymore, but they have stuck with me, and they have definitely shaped the way I think about myself."

Oldham's goal is to help both men and women find a way to celebrate their bodies. While it can be hard to avoid negative comments, they shouldn't make you feel less beautiful.

"Go easy on yourself, and be kind to your body," Oldham told More. "Maybe it's a bit more jiggly than you'd like, and maybe it doesn't look as awesome as you'd like in denim hot pants, but don't spend your whole life battling it. It's such a waste and only makes you miserable."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.



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