To keep her hair out of her face, Diva Hollands wore a tight bun, but that led to a receding hairline.

By Alanna Nunez
Updated: September 23, 2016

If you're wearing your hair in a tight bun or ponytail, you might want to take it out right now (at least, I sure did after I read this story). 22-year-old Diva Hollands, a former ballerina from Epsom, England, is speaking out after having a hair transplant to combat traction alopecia, which she says is due to wearing her hair in an extremely tight bun every day as a child.

Hollands wrote in an official statement that she started dancing at age 3 and eventually trained with the Royal Ballet School in London. To keep her hair out of her face, she would wear it in a tight bun on the top of her head -- which led her hairline to start receding when she was 13. She said kids would bully her about her hair loss, telling her she had a forehead the size of a football. As an adult, she says she didn't let her now-fiancé David Lawson-Brown see her with her hair pulled back for six months.

Photo credit: Dr. Edward Ball

After Hollands had two children, her hair loss worsened. Eventually, she sought the help of Dr. Edward Ball, who's now a D.O. at the Maitland Clinic (though Holland's hair transplant did not take place there), and underwent an eight-hour hair transplant, a procedure which involved taking a thin strip of skin with hair from the back of Hollands' scalp and transplanting it to her forehead, where her hair loss was most prominent. A year after the transplant, she says she's thrilled with her new look (and we are HERE for that hair color -- see a recent selfie below) and is speaking out so that other women who've experienced the same thing will know that they're not alone.

Photo credit: Dr. Edward Ball

"I really do think there's a taboo when it comes to women's hair loss," she says. "I was so embarrassed about it. It's why I'm sharing my story – there might be other women out there in the same situation. It can happen to anyone and it's nothing to be embarrassed about."



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