The workout phenomenon is here to help answer the age old question: "Do I go to brunch or do I workout?"

By Faith Brar

If you're a beer lover and a fitness fanatic, there's now a workout that allows you to combine the best of both worlds: BierYoga. Founded in Germany, this practice "is the marriage of two great loves: beer and yoga." Similar to other unconventional workout trends (does anyone remember goat yoga?), people just can't get enough.

The concept is exactly what you'd think: yogis drink beer while flowing through a series of poses. At times you are required to balance the bottle on your head for an added challenge or take a sip while transitioning into a new pose. Over the course of a session, you can expect to down at least one, if not two, adult beverages. Doesn't that sound like heaven?

While downing a beer during a workout might not seem like the healthiest way to go about getting in shape, the founders of this new trend argue that "the joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment each other and make for an energizing experience." And they might actually have a point.

While we're all aware that beer is notorious for its calorie count, it has a slew of health benefits. Studies have shown that when consumed in moderation, the beverage might have the ability to reduce the risk for breast cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It's also been argued to boost immunity, strengthen bones and protect against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Just remember to take that research with a grain of salt, because there's still nothing that can hydrate your body during a workout like water.

Until recently, this class was only available in Berlin, but has also made it's way to Australia. Even though we haven't seen any official beer yoga classes on this side of pond just yet, we have high hopes it will appear sometime soon. Stay tuned!

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