After taking offense to a comment made about her size while shopping, Constance Hall realized that she was actually the one being offensive.

By Faith Brar
August 29, 2016

Constance Hall, an Australian blogger and mom of three, recently took a trip to the mall in search of a dress. She experienced an awkward encounter with a shop assistant where she thought she was body shamed. Realizing that she was unknowingly body shaming herself, she wittily shared the experience in a simple yet powerful Facebook post.

In the post, Constance tells her followers that she was happily browsing the racks when the assistant approached her. "Sorry darling those racks are size 6s and 8s only, the other racks will be better for you," she said.

Obviously offended, Constance quickly responded, "That's cool. I'm a size 6."

She was lying.

Flustered, Constance grabbed a size 6 dress and jaunted to the fitting room. Of course the inevitable happened and she wasn't able to squeeze her body into the tight dress. The result: an utterly defeated woman awkwardly stuck halfway in bunched up fabric, exposing her underwear.

She begrudgingly returned to the shop assistant and told her that the color of the dress just didn't suit her. The assistant responded: "Wow, you are one of those beautiful women that I would think suits every color."

Shocked by the response, Constance realized that the assistant wasn't body-shaming her at all. "It was ME who body shamed myself by taking offense," she said in her Facebook post.

She finished on a positive note saying, "Today was a reminder that NO dress sizes are BETTER than any OTHER. It's YOUR BODY. You only have ONE. Love it." And we couldn't agree more.

Her comical story is a quick reminder of how easy it can be to jump to conclusions and how you have the power to own how you feel about your body.

Constance's "body shaming myself" post has already gone viral with over 76K likes on Facebook. Check out the entire post below.