GO Health Clubs has since banned Conor Tisdell for life.

By Faith Brar
Updated: December 29, 2016

Australian bodybuilder, Conor Tisdell, is being heavily criticized for secretly filming and body shaming an elderly gym-goer. The video, which appears to be a Snapchat, shows the woman using a pull-down machine.

Tisdell first mocks her by captioning the video "epic bro gainz," then proceeds to upload it to Instagram. In the post shared with over 1,000 followers, Tisdell claims he's "never laughed so hard" and that she must be "practicing her new dance move."

Understandably, people were outraged by his actions and were quick to stand up for the woman on social media. "He's starting an ongoing trend to publicly shame and embarrass people," one person said. "He should have gone up to her and asked if she wanted him to show her how to use the equipment. It's online bullying," said another.

According to a statement given to the Daily Mail Australia, Tisdell has had his membership from GO Health Clubs "terminated for life." In an official statement, the institution also stated that they will do everything in their power to support the poor woman who was a victim of body shaming at one of their locations.

Since then, another gym-goer has come forward saying that she's also fallen victim to Tisdell's bullying. She told the Daily Mail that she once spotted Tisdell laughing in the corner while her personal trainer helped her with her squat form.

While Tisdell hasn't made an official statement on the issue, he has reportedly told his friends that the post has been "twisted" by the media. Since his Instagram account is private he believed he wasn't "insulting" the woman.

This incident comes just a few months after Playboy model Dani Mathers was called out for sharing a naked Snapchat of an elderly gym-goer. Mathers was arraigned on Nov. 28 and pleaded not guilty to one count of invasion of privacy. If charged, she could face a $1,000 fine and up to six months in prison.


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