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Boozy Ice Cream Is Here, and it's the Perfect Cheat Day Treat

To quote the ever-relevant Rihanna: Cheers to the freaking weekend! You've been so stinking good all week, hitting the gym after work and squeezing in those Pilates classes bright and early in the morning.

Naturally, you deserve a substantial reward for all of your hard work, but before you start reaching for your favorite ice cream pint or bottle of Pinot, we have just the perfect cheat day sweet treat for you.

Introducing New York's Tipsy Scoop, a liquor-infused ice cream shop guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and kick start a pleasant buzz (you're welcome). Featuring flavors as beautifully boozy as Spiked Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Bean Bourbon, the shop even makes seasonal offerings like Spiked Pumpkin Pie a sweet, sweet reality.


Rainnnnnnny days  @fortheloveoffood_

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And after all those spin classes and late-night workout sessions, we can totally get with this (on two conditions): Don't over-indulge, and don't kick yourself for it later.

And given the opportunity to customize your own flavors, have it catered, or add your own logo to your personal pint––we're pretty sure this is the weekend treat that's worth it.


Perfect boozy sundae for #OKTOBERFEST  #cheers @feedyoursoull

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Unofficial start to Fall sure feels HT @feedyourgirlfriend

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As if these alcoholic ice creams weren't already divine enough, each serving contains up to 5% ABV, which is roughly equivalent to a light beer (probably not the same calorie count though, let's be honest).

While we'll take a cold one any day of the week, we're pretty sure nothing is going to beat boozy dessert for a cheat day celebration. So pass us the spoon––we'll sip on our sundaes if we're so inclined.


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