Poor MJ can't catch a break

The 'Crying Jordan' is a photo of a weepy Michael Jordan, custom made for the internet to superimpose onto the head of anyone who's royally screwed up. The viral image is from Jordan's infamous Hall of Fame Enshrinement speech from 2009 and has been ricocheting around the Internet in the form of hilarious memes this past year.

People can't seem to get enough of it, but two New York natives, Sherman Winfield and Andrew Weis, have decided to take the obsession a step further by creating 'Cryingkicks.' And they're exactly what their name suggests; custom-made Air Jordan 8s with the Crying Jordan meme engraved on their tongues. We're guessing this isn't what MJ had in mind when he first introduced Jordan shoes in 1984. In their defense, the shoes were created as a part of an art project, and no one expected them to go viral.

The sneakers resemble the traditional Michael Jordan Nike Collection and even carry his squad number, 23, on the front. To top it all off, even the insoles are engraved with a picture of Jordan bawling his eyes out.

Sadly, there's a chance these shoes will never be available for the general public to buy. That being said, we wouldn't be surprised if MJ used this as another opportunity to capitalize.