Her comments come after she was accused of having an eating disorder.

By Faith Brar
Updated: March 05, 2018

Sophie Guidolin has garnered thousands of followers on Instagram thanks to her incredibly toned and fit physique. But among her admirers are several critics who often body shame her and accuse her of being "too skinny."

"A lot of people confuse my images (and every other 'fit' chick) with being 'skinny,'" Guidolin writes on her website in response to her haters, "this is a term that I try really hard to distance from myself as I am strong, I am lean and I am FIT. I am not 'skinny.'"

The mother of four and fitness competitor is determined to shut down the rumors of her having an eating disorder simply because her body tends to be naturally skinny.

"Comments range from telling me to eat a burger (which I make no secret that grill'd is our go to takeaway!) right through to diagnosing me with an illness," she says. "In my case, I am the strongest I have ever been, I feel so energetic, I achieve so much in my days, I have amazing sleep at night times, my hair is thick, my skin is clear and I am fit. None of these statements is how you would describe a person with an ED [Eating Disorder]."

On top of defending herself, Guidolin hopes her message will teach people not to shame others for their body type. Just because someone is incredibly lean shouldn't give others the right to assume that they mustn't be eating. Every body is different and reacts differently to working out and eating well.

"I want to educate people - the difference is HUGE and by changing this stigma I know that I can help a lot of people who think that losing fat is by starving themselves as all these uneducated comments suggest - which is so far from the truth!" she says. "Love your bodies, fuel your body and workout because it makes you feel great, fit and strong, not because you hate the way you look."



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