Alexa Jean Brown shares how comparing her body to others only led to disappointment.

By Faith Brar
January 23, 2017

Alexa Jean Brown (aka @Alexajeanfitness) has garnered millions of fans thanks to her seemingly picture-perfect life. But after recently giving birth to her second child, the fitness star decided not to play into the social media facade and shared an honest post about accepting her post-baby body. In two side-by-side selfies, the mother-of-two shows off her belly four weeks after giving birth. Take a look.

"As much as it's my job to motivate you, I also believe it's my job to be relatable and honest," she writes in her caption. "Our society has put this idea in our heads that women have to bounce right back after having a baby, but that's typically just not realistic... I have more stretch marks and belly rolls and that's perfectly NORMAL and OKAY." (Read: Peta Murgatroyd Reveals How Post-Baby Bodies Don't Just 'Shrink Right Back)

She continues by sharing a personal story about how she saw a post of a woman who seemed to have bounced back to her pre-baby body just a day after giving birth. "I instantly felt the pressure to measure up," Alexa explained, mirroring emotions of other women who compare their bodies to others on social media.

In the days after giving birth, Alexa's body did not magically return to its pre-pregnancy splendor, and she admits she felt disappointed. That said, she quickly realized how critical she was being. "As bummed as I was that I didn't just bounce right back to my pre-baby body, I can't help but feel so amazed that this body created two beautiful babies," she wrote.

So many women get caught up competing with other women they see on Instagram. Rather than constantly being hard on yourself for falling short, Alexa suggests taking a step back and focusing on everything you've accomplished. (Read: 10 Fit Bloggers Reveal Their Secrets Behind Those 'Perfect' Images)

As Alexa said in her post: "If you're finding yourself obsessing about, feeling ashamed of or apologizing for the appearance of your body, even if you haven't just had a child, STOP. Our bodies are incredible and amazing and we need to love every inch of it."

We couldn't agree more.

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