Kelsey Wells' post is the most realistic message you'll read today.

By Faith Brar
November 29, 2016

Fitness blogger Kelsey Wells recently took a break from her usual fitspirational posts to share a much-needed reality check with her legion of Instagram and Facebook followers.

Like all of us, Wells indulged in some Thanksgiving "treats" over the holiday weekend and revealed that she "did not feel one bit bad bout it." To prove it, the young mom shared a picture of her bloated belly to show that she too isn't without her "imperfections." (Read: 10 Thoughts Every Fit Girl Has on Thanksgiving Day)

"I could give you tips and tricks on how to fight bloating and zits and stretch marks," she wrote. "But I think it's more important for everyone to realize that these things are totally normal!"

She continues by referring to an Instagram "highlight reel" full of excellent lighting and perfect angles. Better yet, she admits to participating in that illusion, "but I never want that to be misconstrued as saying I don't have bad [photos] or never look bloated," she says. "Everyone is human. Everyone is beautiful."

Her transparency received tons of positive feedback from her followers, each one thanking her for her honesty. "On point! Thanks for sharing this message and keeping it real," one commenter wrote. "Thank you so much for being honest and realistic!" said another.

In a world where our social media feeds are full of "perfect" people, it's important to remember that no one actually looks like that IRL. Not matter how fit or healthy someone may seem, they are not without their physical "flaws" and Kelsey Wells is proof of that.


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