Sharny and Julius Kieser caved into their cravings for three months, then started their fitness programs again to prove that it actually works.

By Faith Brar
Updated: September 01, 2016

Sharny and Julius Kieser having been giving parents body envy ever since they created their infamous FitMum and FitDad workouts. The Australian couple has always made fitness a priority, despite being parents to five kids-Josh, 20, Alexis, 5, Dante, 4, Emmett, 3, Hugo, 2, and Magnus, 6 months. Now that's a lot to juggle.

Last May, shortly after the birth of their youngest son, the pair began gaining a little weight, which is why they took a break from trying to be aspirational. "We didn't want our followers to know we'd gotten to this state," Julius told US Weekly in an exclusive interview.

One night, while searching for some fitspo on Facebook (we've all been there) the parents had an epiphany. "We were looking at all the fitness people and thinking, 'What do they know about being fat, about being parents, about being addicted to food?'" Julius said.

In that moment, as fitness trainers, Julius and Sharny felt like they owed it to their followers to publically reclaim their bodies. But first, they wanted to do some serious damage.

"We wanted to get back in the trenches with our followers and live it up with them ... really go through the pain of quitting junk, feeling like crap and wanting to quit," Julius said.

So naturally, they both caved into every craving under the sun, especially sugar, and decided to open up to the hunger. "We didn't want our kids to see us eating so much junk, so we had a 'secret stash' of chocolates, biscuits and ice creams that we'd raid during the day," Julius said. "Then when they went to bed, we'd get a takeout pizza. ... We'd eat thousands of empty calories."

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In just three months, Julius gained 30 pounds and Sharny gained 20. "We went up about four clothes sizes," Julius says. "Sleep was horrible because we were always digesting the crap in our bodies."

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Finally, they decided it was time to end their junk food binge. In a Facebook video, the parents declared that by following FitMum and FitDad-programs they founded years ago-they planned on getting back into shape over eight weeks. "We set up a Facebook group so that mums and dads can do it with us," Julius said. "We all keep each other accountable."


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August 11, 2018
Fantastic news, well done you! White jeans brilliant! It is an amazing feeling isn’t it? I am down 6lb and 3inches from my waist and this is week 4 for me, but people are already saying how good I look and I am into size 12 (UK size) trousers. thanks to the 2-week diet, watch the video here: =>