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#GainingWeightIsCool Is Proof That Being Healthy Is Different for Everyone

It's no secret that the majority of new years resolution lists include some commitment to get healthy, whether it's to hit the gym more often, eat fewer sweets, or try a new fitness class. But while we're all trying to improve our health in some way or another, it's pretty rare to see "gain weight" as a priority on the list.

But several women are taking to social media to prove that's not always the case. These ladies are ringing in the new year by making the hashtag #GainingWeightIsCool trend on Instagram, but not for the reasons you might think. It's not an excuse to steer clear of the gym--in fact, it's quite the contrary. The empowering hashtag is meant to serve as a gentle reminder to every woman that while she should always be inspired to get (and stay!) into shape, good health can come in many shapes and forms, not simply weight loss.

For some, it's about being proud of their strength and the muscles they've worked so hard to build. As one woman explains, "In a world that teaches us to shrink ourselves small, I am so happy to see [this] hashtag."

"Self love and confidence in the skin you're in is so important. Your mental health is important. Your struggles and feelings are valid," she continues. "Everyone needs to be told that they are valued, loved, and that things will get better."

For others, it's about overcoming the need to conform to society's perception of beauty. "Lean doesn't always mean healthier," another woman says. "There is about 25 lbs between these two photos and although I don't feel 100% comfortable in my skin [at the moment] I still feel happier within myself than I did in the left picture!"

"I go out more and stress less about food and I'm proud of myself for that because I feel like gaining weight is much harder (mentally) than losing it."


Joining the #gainingweightiscool movement as I think it's so inspirational! The picture on the left was me at the beginning of my fitness journey (2014), the picture on the right is me this summer. I don't exactly know how much weight difference there is but it would be a good couple of pounds! On the left I had just started training but only really had managed a month of weight training before a quick before holiday cut when I went down two 1,200 cals a day on the right I'd been training two years with a mini holiday cut, when I went down to 1,600 cal I can honestly say I prefer myself not skinny' but a more muscular curvy shape. Girls, don't be scared of putting on a little weight, don't worry about what the weighing scales say, as long as you're happy and healthy that's all that matter 

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The hashtag also includes women who are giving themselves a break and trying to practice self-love regardless of the numbers on the scale. They are encouraging others to not feel like failures if they haven't yet met their goals, because good things come to those who wait.

"Girls, don't be scared of putting on a little weight," a follower of the movement says. "Don't worry about what the weighing scales say, as long as you're happy and healthy that's all that matters." We couldn't agree more.

It's evident that there are plenty of positive outcomes that can come from gaining a few pounds. Just remember to stay true to yourself and your goals, because as long as you are putting in the work, results will show. It just takes some time.


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