Get to Know World Cup Champion Christen Press

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympian is just as charming as she is talented

Brains, beauty, talent-that's what we'd call the whole package. Soccer star and U.S. Women's National Team forward, Christen Press embodies this kind of dynamo combination of sweetness off the field and badass grit on it.

Currently training with her team for the 2016 summer Olympic games in Rio, Press earned her place in the sports spotlight when she scored a goal in the opening game of the World Cup last year. (If you missed it, watch it again here. It's pretty epic and we'd be surprised if it doesn't make your eyes well up a bit.) And yes, the USWNT won the game.

As one of the youngest players on the USWNT, Press' journey to become the successful soccer player she is today is remarkable, but her determination to help bring her team to victory is nothing short of inspiring either. The comradery the women have is shown in how well they work together-proof of that amazing teamwork came most recently in a 7-0 win against Columbia. Press was among the scoring players.

As talented as she is in uniform, Press is just as impressive when she's off the clock. She recently traveled to South Africa to meet with Grassroot Soccer, a program designed to help local underprivileged young women and girls through their participation in the sport. The hope is by bonding through this sort of team-focused activity they can better address issues of gender inequality, gender-based violence, and sexual health, so doors can open for these women to thrive.

Learn more about the girl next door who is helping to change the face of women's sports, one goal at a time.

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