And it's catchy AF

By By Faith Brar
Updated: September 21, 2016

Everyone in the world loves avocados. (In fact, we love avocados so much we're at risk of an avocado shortage.) But no one loves avocados as much as Keanu Trees, an instrumentalist and composer from L.A. who doesn't mess around when it comes to showing off the love he feels for his favorite fruit.

Dressed in an avocado foam suit, Trees is anything but camera shy as he provocatively sings to two avocados he holds in his hands. With absolutely no swag whatsoever, he attempts to dance to the slow sensual song-at times in the middle of a desert, then by the ocean as the camera closes in on him laying in the sand. At one point, he even makes his way to the side of a highway, seemingly trying to channel Drake's infamous dance moves from "Hotline Bling." (This isn't the only recent video to parody Drake's hit song...)

The song actually has a jazzy, R&B feel to it. The lyrics reference Trees' dream of winning the lottery and buying all the avocados in the world so that he could sit on the beach with his "avocado bros" and watch the sun set over the horizon. That's basically every human's ultimate desire right? (Insert eye roll here.)

The catchy chorus is repeated one too many times, but-like any annoying jingle-still makes you want to sing along. Despite the complete lack of natural talent, and below average lyrics this song is guaranteed to make you want to stock up on this green fruit and, more importantly, whip up some guac the moment you get home. (Psst... We've got 8 New Ways to Eat Avocados!)

Make sure you watch the full hilarious, cringe-worthy video!



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