The singer opens up about struggles with his health after a year-long break from music and social media.

By Faith Brar
January 16, 2017

After a highly-awaited comeback, Ed Sheeran has warmed our hearts with new music in early 2017. Now, he is opening up about his 50-pound weight gain during his year off from both music and social media.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show, the 25-year-old singer revealed that his lifestyle caused him to nearly "double in size" and that he knew something had to change. "Sweatpants were the only things that fit," he said, "And I just thought everything had shrunk in the wash, but it hadn't."

Realizing that he needed to get his health back under control, he decided to start by cutting out beer from his diet. "That was it, it was the beer," he said. "I've lost 50 pounds."

"Now I'm back on beer, because I'm fine, but I cut out beer for a bit and started exercising, which was quite weird."

What Sheeran didn't realize was that being at home and writing music caused his health to get out of hand. Without his live performances and the active lifestyle that comes with being on tour, he was missing out on the major calorie burn that was helping him stay in shape.

"I didn't realize how much I burned on stage. I stopped touring and I just ballooned instantly," he says.

Though Sheeran is known for his low-key performances, he explained how performing live can actually be quite exerting-something he definitely took for granted.

"I jump up and down on boxes, when I'm finished I'm drenched in sweat. I do jump around quite a bit," he says. "And just under those lights, just sweating, you drop off a bunch."

Watch his entire interview below.