Apparently, there is such a thing as being "too sexy" for social media.

By Faith Brar
Updated: October 25, 2016

Brittany Perille Yobe has spent the last two years racking up an impressive Instagram following thanks to her inspirational fitness videos. Perhaps that's why it was quite surprising when Instagram unexpectedly shut down her account after she posted the video below to her feed.

Brittany, who is expecting her first child in February, posted this video at the end of her second trimester after spending months at home struggling with morning sickness. Although she was nervous, the mom-to-be hoped that her first fitness tutorial geared toward pregnant women would be inspirational. And it was.

Several followers responded to the video with positive feedback. Some even defended her from the negative comments left by trolls. However, her belly-baring video was reportedly too much for Insta to handle, leading them to deem it 'inappropriate,' per their community guidelines.

Though Brittany was wearing leggings and a sports bra in her post, her entire account was disabled based on the following explanation:

"All I was doing in the video was working out like I'd done in all the other workout videos I have posted for years," Brittany told Cosmopolitan in an interview. "There was nothing out of the ordinary in this one besides my bump."

Though it's unclear if Instagram discriminated against Brittany's baby bump, it is interesting to note that none of her older videos and photos were considered profane by Insta's standards. Take a look at some of them below.

Brittany has used her Instagram as a source of income for her family. Not only does her entire business depend on this platform, but it is also the only way she can attract paid sponsorships to market her online training guides, so it's easy to see why she appealed Instagram's decision.

"I am certain I am not the only woman who has been shut down for posting pictures and videos of a child growing inside my belly," she said.

Ultimately, the social media site reinstated the mom-to-be's account so she can get back to doing her thing and giving pregnant ladies some major fitspo.



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