The model celebrated the debut of Straight/Curve with some much-needed body positive inspo.

By Faith Brar
October 21, 2016

Body positive model Iskra Lawrence is getting real about what it really takes to get over your insecurities and feel confident about the skin you were born in.

"When we think about our bodies, we often think about the way they look, as opposed to what they accomplish for us every day," she writes for Harper's Bazaar. "It's easy to forget how powerful our bodies actually are."

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As a way to celebrate the release of new documentary Straight/Curve, Iskra shares how being daring with her body has helped her feel empowered in unimaginable ways. "All it takes is a shift in mentality to appreciate everything your body (and mind!) does for you," she writes. "And to change the way you view yourself."

Among other things, the young model believes that daring to go makeup free, renaming her insecurities, breaking fashion rules, and ignoring fashion sizes has helped her learn to love and respect her body in ways she once thought were impossible.

She also opened up about the importance of calling out haters. "I have heard every negative thing under the sun about my body," she says. "It took me many years to have the confidence to stand up for myself and not internalize other people's hateful words and comments."

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Recalling the incident when she responded to being called "fat" on Instagram, Iskra reminds her readers that "hateful words stand no chance against self-worth and a little of humor." Preach.

Read her entire essay here.