The body positive activist spoke to passengers about the importance of loving and appreciating their bodies.

By Faith Brar
Updated: November 22, 2016

Iskra Lawrence has clapped back at haters who've called her fat, been honest about her struggle with weight, and has been vocal about why she wants people to stop calling her plus-size. This weekend, the 26-year-old activist stepped into a New York City subway car to spread an important message about self-love - after stripping down to her underwear, of course.

"I want to make myself vulnerable today so you can see clearly that I've come on with my own body and how I feel about myself today," she tells the crowd in a video she created as part of the #UNMUTED series. "I'm going to reveal myself to you to prove that we are in control of how we feel about ourselves."

She starts by opening up to the crowd about how she didn't always love her body, and it took her a long time to accept it. "I grew up hating what I saw in the mirror because society told me I was not good enough," she says. "I thought there was something wrong because I didn't have a thigh gap, that I had cellulite, that I wasn't skinny enough. That is the media, that is society making a small standard of beauty when we are so much more than that."

She then goes on to explain that we'd all have so much more in common if we stopped associating our identities to our appearance and our bodies. "I really hope by sharing this with you today is that you are going to see yourself differently," she says. "Every single one of us has so much value and so much worth that is so much more than just skin. This is just our vessel, so please, when you look in the mirror when you get home, don't pick our your insecurities, do not look at the things that society has told you was not good enough, because you are so much more than that."

The model ends her speech on a positive note, asking the passengers to love themselves, rather than feel pressured to conform to society's unrealistic beauty standards. "You deserve to love yourself, you deserve to feel comfortable and confident, and I really hope that you connected with me today and that you're going to take something away from this," she says as the crowd starts to applaud. "Thank you for all being so different and special and unique because that's what makes us beautiful."

Watch her empowering speech in the video below.



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