We are one step closer to balancing the playing field for Muslim women everywhere.

Women who wear hijabs have traditionally found it very difficult to participate in high-intensity sports. But now, thanks to an active-wear company called Asiya, Muslim women will have access to breathable, moisture-wicking, pull-on hijabs that will allow them to fulfill their athletic dreams while staying true to their religion.


Muslim-American Fatimah Hussein and her business partner Jamie Glover were inspired after seeing an increasing number of Muslim women - such as Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Team USA athlete to compete in the Olympics wearing a hijab, and Rahaf Khatib, the first women wearing a hijab to be featured on the cover of Women's Running magazine - breaking down barriers in the athletic world.

Hussein and Glover have already crowd-funded more than $38,000 to start producing these sports hijabs, which are scheduled to ship in February. The garments offer a range of coverage options while minimizing excess fabric. They are also equipped with built-in headbands to prevent you from having to reposition or adjust the hijab. And the best part? You can customize the fabric to match the colors of your team.

While these athletic hijabs are a huge step in the right direction, the active-wear industry still lags in providing adequate clothing options for Muslim women who practice modesty by covering up. Next up, Asiya is planning to create uniforms that will give Muslim women the athletic opportunities they want and deserve, while respecting and abiding by their individual beliefs.