As if we needed more reasons to fall in love with her.

By Faith Brar
Updated: November 18, 2016

International fitness sensation Kayla Itsines has been fueling our Instagram feeds with fitspirational posts for quite a while now. The founder of Bikini Body Guide and the Sweat with Kayla app has created some head-to-toe toning moves that are bound to take your workout to the next level. (Check out some of her fitness and diet tips and her exclusive HIIT workout)

When we first interviewed her, the 24-year-old had 700,000 Instagram followers. Now, she's amassed 5.9 million. Using that to her advantage, the Aussie trainer invited fitness fans from all around the globe to a boot camp class this Thursday. Her goal? To break a few world records in honor of Guinness World Records Day.

To her surprise, 2,000 people showed up to her event. Together, they broke five world records for the most people doing star jumps, squats, lunges, sit-ups, and running in place at one time. Now that's impressive.

"Working as a team to not just achieve our fitness goals, but also to break these records today really proves that we are the largest and most influential fitness community in the world," Itsines said in a press release. And there's no denying that.

Check out some other epic Instas from the boot camp for the ultimate workout motivation.


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