Yep. Keep looking. You won't find them.

By Faith Brar

BFFs Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have teamed up once again in W magazine's 10th annual art issue. The photo spread titled, "Placebo Pets," features the young women modeling cute clothes while holding some seriously adorable furry friends.

At times their faces seem to be digitally manipulated to look animal-esque, which goes to show that Photoshop was a key feature used to bring this uniquely creative feature to life.

Given the prominent role Photoshop obviously played in this shoot, it's unclear whether the magazine's cover photo meant to show Kengi enigmatically knee-less, though our guess is this probably wasn't exactly what the editors at W were going for. Take a look for yourselves.

The shoot was obviously supposed to be a little out there, but considering that the rest of the two models' bodies (save for their faces) have not been drastically altered, most people are labeling this mishap a big fat Photoshop fail. And we have to agree.


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