In an interview with Today, Kristen Bell discusses the realities of living with mental health issues.

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Witty, bubbly, and cheerful are just a few words that come to mind while thinking about Kristen Bell. It's difficult to imagine someone like her suffering from depression, anxiety, and co-dependancy-which is exactly why she chose to speak out about it.

In a new interview with Billy Bush for Today, the Bad Moms star explained why she chose to open up about some of her personal battles.

"I was talking with my husband, and it occurred to me that I do appear to be very bubbly and positive," she said. "I've never really shared what got me there and why I'm that way or the things that I've worked through. And I felt it was sort of a social responsibility I had-to not just appear to be so positive and optimistic."

Opening up about personal struggles can have its consequences. People can be quick to judge and share their unwanted opinions. However, Bell wasn't deterred.

"I didn't really think about it," she told Bush. "It's not a priority for me what other people think. It's a priority to reach people who might be struggling with similar issues that I've struggled with."

Her message was simple and clear: "I just wanted other people to know there are options out there if they feel a sense of depression or anxiety." (Feeling depressed? Here are 9 Ways to Fight Depression)

Watch the actress talk about her new show, The Good Place, while addressing the need to talk about mental health issues in the video below.