We definitely need to see some more of this.

By Faith Brar
Updated: December 12, 2016

Lane Bryant launched their latest campaign over the weekend, and it's already going viral. The ad features body-positive model Denise Bidot rocking a bikini and looking totally badass doing it. The best part? The photo shows off her stretch marks, something most retailers wouldn't think of doing!

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time the plus-size retailer has featured Bidot in all her natural glory. Over the past nine years, this is the second time they've chosen not to photoshop her stretch marks and keep her body and skin as is.

The single mom to daughter Joselyn has always been an outspoken promoter of self-love, and proudly posted a photo from the shoot to her Instagram. "Loving this new image and how real it is," she captioned the viral pic. "Thank you @lanebryant for loving my body, stretch marks and all."

Hundreds of women have commented on the image, sharing their enthusiasm for reality it represents. "She's so gorgeous! Looks at those tiger stripes!" one commenter wrote. "Yasss! Finally a REAL woman! No photoshop! Thank you @lanebryant," wrote another.

Not only did the image garner appreciation with her fans, it also inspired some women to embrace their own bodies and their perceived flaws.

"The more you show real women, the less real women are going to feel bad and compare themselves to impossible standards," one commenter wrote. "For women and young women who are constantly criticized by their peers, family, and society for looking the way they do and distorting their body image, seeing real women represented can show them that their stretch marks are normal and beautiful and should be embraced." We couldn't agree more.

Thank you, Lane Bryant, for always keeping it real.



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