The important takeaway from their encounter? Slay all day.

By Faith Brar
Updated: August 19, 2016

Most of us still can't stop swooning over the moment Zac Efron surprised Simone Biles in Rio. To add to the growing list of amazing celebrity athlete meet-ups, earlier this week Leslie Jones finally met her all-time-favorite sports idol, Katie Ledecky-and she reacted like any of us would.

"I am trying not to lose all of my sh*t," Jones says in a video that she shared on Twitter while standing next to Ledecky herself. "I know I am embarrassing myself, but I don't even care."

She even shared an epic moment with Ledecky's mom while recording a selfie message (we're assuming for Katie) saying, "You know how to swim so good, like a fish. Oh my God. Was you swimming around in her stomach?" Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if that was true. The girl did win four Olympic gold medals AND break a world record.

The video continues with Jones excitedly pointing and Mrs. Ledecky's stomach before adding, "Oh my God Ledecky, you are fu**ing amazing!"

Despite being a high profile celebrity herself, Jones is not the least bit afraid of being a true fan girl, so much so that she was invited to Rio by NBC because of her phenomenal Olympics-related tweets. Now that's impressive.

Leslie Jones, please never change... and thanks for always being yourself.


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