Mariah, we love you, but this photo takes the meaning of "diva" to the next level.

By Faith Brar
Updated: February 03, 2017

Being the diva that she is, Mariah Carey recently took to Instagram to show off her incredibly toned legs while making a sultry pose on a StairMaster. Leaning on the machine, the 46-year-old singer is seen in a very.... erm, unique get-up. Even for Mariah, this was an especially unusual outfit, mostly considering that she's inside of a gym, presumably working out. (Read: You Seriously Can't Unsee Mariah Carey's Thanksgiving Photoshop Fail)

"Climb every mountain," she captions the post, wearing a black body suit, bomber jacket, fishnet tights and sneaker bootie heels from Rihanna's Fenty Puma collection. While it's hard to tell if Carey is working out or hardly working, high-heeled stilettos wouldn't be our first shoe of choice-for the gym or otherwise. Other than the obvious hazard of falling, wearing heels for prolonged periods time can cause a whole range of problems for your feet. (Read: Leg Exercises For Women Who Wear High Heels)

Carey also posted two videos of herself: one where she's lifting weights, and another where she's "running amok."

These posts came shortly after the singer released a preview to her new song, "I Don't," inspired by her recent breakup with her billionaire fiance. Despite her unconventional fitness attire, these kinds of posts pretty much sum up why we love this diva-queen so much in the first place.


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