"I was in denial for a long time but I always wanted to get better."

By Faith Brar
Updated: December 15, 2016

It's so easy to romanticize the glitz and glamour that fame promises, but it isn't without its negative side effects. We've seen it happen time and time again with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato who've needed to take time off from the spotlight to prioritize their mental health.

Now, Mel C (popularly known as Sporty Spice) is opening up about how being a part of the Spice Girls led to the development of an eating disorder. The 42-year-old singer revealed that she was constantly in front of the cameras and that wasn't good for her body image.

"I joined the Spice Girls when I was 20, and it was an insane time. I developed an eating disorder," she told BBC Good Food. "I was in the spotlight, being photographed constantly, and I started to become self-conscious of my body image."

While she didn't want to admit she had a problem, the former Spice Girl found herself searching for ways to gain back her health.

"I was in denial for a long time but I always wanted to get better - I had talking therapies and holistic therapies, like acupuncture," she says. "Sport became really important to me too."

In part, Mel C believes that her lack of knowledge about nutrition contributed to the problem. "When I was a teenager, I didn't know the difference between a protein and a carb," she said.

She has come a long way since then and has adopted a healthy lifestyle where she focuses on her nutrition more than ever.

"I love to be physically fit and, obviously, to really push yourself, you have to make sure you eat the right things," she says. "I like to think I have a healthy relationship with food now, and I love to cook. We're so much more aware of nutrition nowadays."

"We need to get back to realizing that we are what we eat." We couldn't agree more.



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