The plus-sized model first spoke out about body shaming when Facebook banned a photo of her in a swimsuit, claiming she "depicts the body in an undesirable manner."

By Faith Brar
December 27, 2016

Tess Holliday has spent most of the year advocating for non-straight-sized women by calling out fat-shaming trolls on social media. She first spoke out when Facebook banned a photo of her in a swimsuit saying she "depicts the body in an undesirable manner."

Since then, the plus-size model has taken part in several body-positive initiatives like Buzzfeed's version of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that featured women of all different shapes and sizes.

Recently, the young mom is making headlines for shedding light on a very real and problematic issue faced by plus-size women who frequent hotels and spas: bathrobes that are supposedly "one-size-fits-all."

"I'm so glad they had a robe my size," the 31-year-old joked alongside a photo of herself in an ill-fitting robe that barely fit across her midsection. She then captioned it, "AMIRITE?!" with the hashtag "#onesizehardlyfitsanyone."

Her message really resonated with her 1.4 million followers who showed their support by sharing upsetting feelings of their own.

"I know the feeling! Every time! "One size fits all" is and will always be a joke," one commenter wrote.

Some women even spoke out about the towels hotels provide-complaining that they are often too small and difficult to wrap around the body. "Even the little towels they leave to cover yourself. Just never [go] all the way round!" someone pointed out.

Giving people the option of clothing that fits is something every hotel, spa, and gym should strive for. At the end of the day, every person deserves to relax and be pampered, regardless of their shape or size.


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