She's the hero we've all been waiting for.

By By April Saylor
Updated: July 19, 2016

The Internet's been buzzing with responses to Dani Mathers' body-shaming Snapchat all week. Reactions from women angered by the Playboy model's complete lack of respect for the anonymous gym-goer she illegally photographed-and then shared to her Snapchat followers with the oh-so-tasteless caption "If I can't unsee this, then you can't either"-have poured in, but none have caused quite a stir as one mom's now-viral takedown.

Christine Blackmon posted her own photo response to the body-shaming incident to her Facebook page accompanied by an open letter to Mathers. In it, the Florida mom dishes out some serious straight-talk to the 2015 Playboy Playmate of The Year.

"Here's the deal," she writes. "You may have been a Playboy model but not all of us work out to be "hot", some of us work out simply to honor the bodies we were given. That's all that woman was trying to do and you violated her. Shame on you."

We couldn't agree more with Blackmon's message that bodies of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and thousands of women have shared their own inspirational stories and photos in the comments of the post. One woman writes alongside a photo of herself lounging in the pool, "5ft.,4in...160 lbs. 2 kids and a kidney transplant have left their share of scars and stretch marks. I refuse to let a number on the scale define me."

Another chimes in with a swimsuit selfie: "It has taken many years but I will always be the mom to get in the pool and take pictures because that's what my son will remember."

The inspiration goes on and on. One mom, clad in a fierce black bikini, shared an elegant reminder in the comments: "In this increasingly negative world," she writes, "women have to support each other."

And that's something we can all agree on.



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