Sometimes it takes a while to accept the changes your body goes through after giving birth.

By Faith Brar
January 24, 2017

If you're a mom on Instagram, your feed is likely full of two types of women: the type that shares pictures of their six-pack days after giving birth, and the ones who proudly flaunt their stretch marks and loose skin in the name of female empowerment. Both women are incredibly inspiring in their own way, but it's not always about getting back into shape or embracing your so-called "flaws." Sometimes it's about cutting yourself some slack and taking the time you need to come to terms with your new body-and no one knows that feeling better than Kristelle Morgan.

In a beautiful Instagram post, the new mother admitted that she struggled to embrace her changed body after giving birth to her daughter.

"I used to be pretty fit, I had my ups and downs with body image but overall I know I looked pretty good," she wrote alongside a photo of her stomach with her newborn laying next to her. "Then came pregnancy and I was huge. I got HUGE towards the end extremely quickly."

Morgan continued by explaining that her pregnancy wasn't easy. She had extra amniotic fluid and her daughter was in breech position, causing her stomach to become "extra large" and cause stretch marks that showed up late in her pregnancy. "I had such unrealistic standards of what my body was going to look like after birth (yes probably because I'm way too into following all those super hot Instagram mums)," she wrote. "But this is the reality for so many of us."

However, after some much-needed time and patience, Morgan has come to terms with how her body is right now. "My body temporarily looking like this is a good price to pay for the sweet little angel I have sleeping next to me," she said.

"I have to remind myself to be nice to my body, I spent 9 months creating a life and yes it may never look like it used to but that's okay," she wrote, adding, "but it's also okay to be sad about it."

She has a point. Too often women are told to think one way or another when it comes to their body after pregnancy. Remember that it's YOUR body and that you're entitled to taking all the time you need to feel comfortable in it. And if you're not feeling good about it, that doesn't make you weak or less confident. It just means you are coping at your own pace-as you have every right to.


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