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Nike's New Ad Features an 86-Year-Old Nun Who's a Total Beast


Nike has been turning heads with it's Unlimited campaign. One ad in the mini-series features Chris Mosier, making him the first ever transgender athlete to star in a Nike ad. Another focused on Chance the Rapper and an amazing new song. And now, their latest commercial features an 86-year-old nun, who is also a record-breaking IRONMAN Triathlete. Yes, you read that right.

Sister Madonna Buder has competed in 45 IRONMANS till date. Though the craziest part is, she didn't even start competing till she was 65. Seriously, what a badass? (Pardon our French, sister).

At 75-years-old she became the oldest woman to ever compete in the race—and she set the record for oldest IRONMAN competitor at 82.

Fittingly nicknamed "The Iron Nun," Unlimited Youth features Sister Buder running, biking and swimming with a determination most of us can't size up to. The narrator seems concerned by how active she is at her age, suggesting a nap or just a chill pill in the middle of her activities. But Sister Buder is not having it. For her, age is just a number, and there's nothing anyone can say to change that.

Like any athlete, she's had a few hiccups along the way, but keeps on going—as if we needed more reasons to fall in love with her. In 2014, she wasn't able to complete an IRONMAN race and at one point, suffered a pelvic injury while competing.

Regardless, she's continued to travel the world, doing what she loves, while staying true to her commitments to the church. This woman can really do it all. Thank you Nike for sharing her story.

Watch The Iron Nun do her thing in the video below.


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