Orangetheory Is Giving Members a Free Pumpkin Spice Latte for Trying Its New Class This Week

It's just the thing to motivate you to sign up for a class.

Orange Theory Pumpkin Spice Latte Class
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If you've yet to give an Orangetheory class try, you might be convinced to sign up for a class this fall thanks to the studio's latest promotion. On August 17, Orangetheory is welcoming the changing seasons with classes inspired by the pumpkin spice latte (known by its devoted fanbase simply as PSL). At Orangetheory, PSL will stand for presses, squats, and lunges with classes dedicated to the three exercises. What's more, participating studios are treating members to a literal pumpkin spice latte after class. Yes, really!

I got a sneak peek at the new class format and and got to decide for myself whether the heart-pumping workout is worth a free latte. The floor section of the PSL classes focuses on press, squat, and lunge exercises. Each segment includes three PSL exercises — think a chest press on a bench, followed by a squat to shrug with dumbbells, and alternating reverse lunges. You'll also hop on the rower in between floor workouts and do a 23-minute segment on the treadmill for the studio's signature mix of endurance and strength training. It sounds like a long time to spend on the treadmill, but it goes by fast with two-minute segments at your push pace followed by three-minute recovery periods at your base pace.

For the uninitiated, Orangetheory classes involve tracking your heart rate throughout your workout, with pushes designed to kick your heart rate up and recovery time to slow it back down. You wear a heart rate monitor that wraps around your arm during the class, so you can keep track of your changing heart rate while doing different exercises. During your workout, your heart rate monitor updates in real time on a nearby screen, so you can see your impressive stats right away, such as how much time you spent working in different zones of your maximum heart rate (the highest number of beats your heart can achieve in a minute). Throughout class, you'll chase the ideal orange zone, which is 84 to 91 percent of your maximum heart rate.

Basically, the goal of all of Orangetheory's classes is for participants to continue burning calories for up to 24 hours after a 60 minute workout. This happens when you spend at least 12 minutes of class in that orange zone. It's based on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which is the amount of oxygen required to return your body back to homeostasis (aka resting metabolic function). For what it's worth, I certainly felt like my body was still working hard as I walked out of the studio and was ready to treat myself with a PSL.

Want to get a taste (pun intended) of how Orangetheory's heart rate-based classes work? A PSL courtesy of the studio is a great excuse to sign up for class. But hurry, the promotion is only available on August 17. (Next up: This Couple Met at Orangetheory — and Gave Nods to the Class at Their Wedding)

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