But an expert tells us the truth behind waist trainers.

By Faith Brar
Updated: December 22, 2016

It's been less than a month since Meghan King Edmonds from the Real Housewives of Orange County gave birth to her daughter Aspen. The first-time mom has already lost 25 pounds and credits her weight loss to breastfeeding since she still hasn't been given the all-clear to work out. She recently took to Instagram to show off her incredible post-baby body.

"25lbs down (due to breastfeeding alone), 12 to go!" the 32-year-old captioned the picture. She also took this opportunity to reach out to her followers and ask for some advice. "Why are my abs so spread apart?" she wrote. "Should I be using a waist trainer to pull them back together?"

Most of her followers urged her to avoid the use of a waist trainer. "People heal different ways. You'll get there in time. But don't push it. They will go back," one commenter wrote. "Don't use the waist trainer too much or too tight. That could cause more damage....Give yourself time," wrote another. And they do have a point.

The truth is, no studies have proven whether corsets or waist trainers actually deliver results and help with weight loss. Like many fads, they promise an instant and temporary result, but no expert would actually recommend using them.

"The corset physically restricts your stomach, and that can make it impossible to overeat," New York City nutritionist Brittany Kohn, R.D told Shape when asked if corsets are the secret to weight loss. "Cinching your waist also redistributes fat from your middle, so you look slimmer. But once the corset comes off, your body will quickly return to its usual weight and shape."

So rather than thinking about using a belly binder, Edmond should focus on eating clean and working out when she's given the green light. At the end of the day, pregnancy changes your body and impacts each woman differently. The key is to be patient and let your body heal at its own pace.



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