Yes, this is a real thing that's happening.

By Alanna Nunez
Updated: October 03, 2016

If you're not a perfectly toned, tanned, and symmetrical person (so basically everyone we know)––we've got bad news. Go ahead and cross this West Hollywood spot off the list of places to party in L.A., because some guy with a really superficial dating website decided to open a club for Beautiful People Only. Yes, this is really happening.

Greg Hoge, creator of the dating website for beautiful people (creatively named told BRAVO's Personal Space that he was inspired by the success of the website, and decided to open up a club of the same name. "The idea for the bar springs from the website, he. "[Ideally] we'd look across the bar and see a person's spirit or soul, but that's not the case."

So how does this club for the spirits and souls of beautiful people work? It will be members-only, with potential members having to join the website first. To do that, applicants have to submit headshots, bodyshots, and a profile to be considered. Applicants then go through a 48-hour waiting period, where existing members vote on each prospective new member. Members who are accepted will then have access to the club, which is scheduled to open in February of 2017.

While the news of the bar has (unsurprisingly) been met with backlash, Hodge doesn't seem fazed, saying that his club is open to people of any religious, cultural, or economic background, and that members of Beautiful People will be filled with "bright, articulate people from all walks of life from dental nurses to models"––as long as they're super-hot.

"People want to be attracted to each other, everyone in there will be attractive," he said. "It's like a microcosm of society."

No word on where everyone who's not deemed attractive enough to join Beautiful People is supposed to go to meet their soulmate instead.



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