Should You Work Out When You're Injured?


Dancing with the Stars favorite J.R. Martinez told People magazine yesterday that his biggest regret about being injured this past weekend was that he felt he let partner Karina Smirnoff down. While she reassured him that she didn't feel let down, it's true that the pair didn't perform as well this past Monday as they normally do. Still, we give Martinez points for dancing through his injury in front of the judges! But it got us thinking- what's the best way to work out while you're injured?

"It depends on what kind of injury it is," Peak Performance owner and fitness expert Joe Dowdell says. "For instance if someone suffers a neck or back injury, than resting it while receiving specific treatment for the injury would be my advice. But in the case of an ankle injury, like J.R. Martinez suffered, someone could definitely still train. For him, he can easily train his upper body and his core without aggravating his ankle." Dowdell says that pool and water workouts can also be beneficial to those who are injured. Experts think the buoyancy of water can help take the stress off your joints and lessen the pain while still enabling you to get in a good workout.

While Dowdell stresses that it depends on the location of the injury, one point he made is that if you're going to be immobile for a long time, you have to modify your caloric intake, since your activity levels will be changing.

Do you guys work out when you're injured? How do you modify your workouts?

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