SNL's Chonk Shows Everything Wrong With Clothing Ads in the Best Way

Some brands are capitalizing on the current body positive movement to make more money.


The cast members of Saturday Night Live have had their hands full this season with all the election-related fodder, but they took a break from roasting the presidential candidates to instead skewer those "empowering" body image ads from brands that have become popular lately by highlighting the fact that (surprise) they're not actually that empowering.

The ad, which features Leslie Jones, Melissa Villaseñor, Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, and Sasheer Zamata, hilariously and perfectly points out that even as brands (in this case, the fictional brand, Chonk) feed customers lines about how "confident" and "gorgeous" they are, they're still brands and are simply capitalizing on the current body positive movement to make more money. (Ever notice how men's brands don't need to backhandedly compliment men to sell their products?)

The five comedians star as "confident," "strong" women who begin to realize something is awry halfway through Chonk's ad when it goes from inspiring to toxic ("We're the only store that accepts your unique body," the announcer says at one point). By the end, they realize the announcer is simply using her soothing voice to insult them and decide they don't want to be a part of it (the scene where Aidy Bryant mouths "F*** off" to the camera is great). Adding insult to injury, there's also "Lil Chonk," which Bryant quickly pulls her daughter away from. Don't worry, Chonk hasn't forgotten about men either. They can shop at Chonk's menswear brand, Normal Clothes.

The whole skit is hilarious and really worth a watch. Scroll down to see the video.

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