After finding a benign brain tumor, doctors advised her to undergo surgery after delivering her first child.

By Faith Brar
Updated: September 06, 2016

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Lauren Holiday, retired from soccer last year with hopes to start a family with her husband Jrue Holiday, the starting pointguard for the New Orleans Pelicans. The excited couple learned that they were expecting a baby at the beginning of this year, though their celebration was cut short because of some terrible news.

A series of unexplained, painful headaches sent Lauren to the doctor, where she discovered the cause: a tumor pressing on the right side of her brain. After some testing, the tumor was found to be benign, but experts recommended its removal it since it's close to her orbital socket.

"Lauren has her good days and her bad days; some are better than others," her husband Jrue told NOLA. "She's obviously a fighter, the toughest woman I know. That's the reason why I married her."

Thankfully, doctors have concluded that the tumor will not affect the unborn baby, who is due in mid-October, but recommend the surgery take place after its birth.

"Obviously, we were and are still very excited about the birth of our first child, but our focus shifted from having this magnificent blessing to making sure everything is going to be OK with Lauren and the child," Jrue said. "Our priorities right now are being able to manage Lauren's symptoms and still have a fairly healthy pregnancy."

Doctors are sure that Lauren will return to good health after the procedure and have advised the athlete to rest until then.

Prayers and well wishes have poured in via Twitter-and even the U.S. Women's National Team wished the Holidays well.

Thankful for the support, both Lauren and Jrue took a moment to share their gratitude as well.

We wish the couple best of luck as they go through this difficult time.



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