And they even announced a Sunset Menu!

By Faith Brar
June 14, 2016

Move over, iced coffee-Starbucks has a new option on the menu, and you're going to love it. This morning, everyone's favorite coffee shop announced the debut of their Sunset Menu, complete with a brand-new-drink: the Granita. (Psst... We've got 7 Savory Granitas Recipes to Cool Down Your Summer.)

The new beverage is a twist on a frosty Italian dessert, and is made with a scoop of mildly sweetened shaved ice, topped with bold espresso, white tea, or limeade. Though no official nutritional info is available (yet), the drink is rumored to be both light and refreshing and will be offered in three delicious flavors. You can choose from Caramel Espresso, Teavana Youthberry White Tea, or Strawberry Lemon Limeade. Yum!

"We wanted something that was cool, but light," said Michelle Sundquist from Starbucks beverage development team in a press release. "Our Sunset Menu is a refreshing way to jump-start your evening and take you into a long summer night," she said. Perhaps that's why the company decided to only make the Sunset Menu available after 3 p.m. every day.

This release comes right on the heels of Starbucks' Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew. And let's not forget about the company's social media-famous Pink Drink. (Find out why The Pink Drink From Starbucks' Secret Menu Is The Perfect Summer Treat.)

The new handcrafted Garnitas don't seem to be bad news for your waistline, though the Sunset Menu will also feature some not-so-healthy yet undeniably delicious desserts called Trifles, which will be hand-prepared with layers of whipped cream, a mocha or strawberry drizzle, and available in two flavors: Chocolate Brownie and Strawberry Shortcake.

Seems like our evenings are about to get a whole lot yummier.

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