Social media trolls were quick to criticize Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno's body after she competed in the Olympic gymnastics qualifications

By Faith Brar
Updated: August 10, 2016

This Sunday, Alexa Moreno represented Mexico on the uneven bars, floor exercise, beam, vault, and all-around gymnastic heats at the Rio Games. While she ultimately finished in 31st place, which made her unable to qualify for the final rounds, making it to center stage to be among the few people to represent her country is a huge accomplishment itself.

But rather than applauding the fact that she even qualified to participate in the Olympics at all, some people were quick to pass degrading comments about her athletic build. And by the way, at 4'11", Moreno only weighs 99 pounds-of pure muscle. (If you don't understand how people could be so mean, you aren't alone. The Science of Fat Shaming is quite complicated.)

This horrific tweet translates to: "The Simpsons it did again, they predicted Alexa Moreno's weight."

UGH. And this tweet is even worse: "The Mexican gymnast, Alexa Moreno, in her second jump. The pig was already eliminated."

Despite these nauseating and demeaning comments, several other Twitter users were determined to turn Moreno's performance into something positive.

Even Dove Mexico had a few kind words to say.

Translation: "Thank you for your effort, talent, and dedication. Thank you for being you. We feel proud. #AlexaMoreno."

Hundreds of similar supportive comments outnumbered the Internet haters, giving Moreno the happy ending she deserves. "Gymnastics is a sport for strong people," the 22-year-old told CCTV America before competing in the Games. "You need to be dedicated, have a strong will and lots of persistence. I don't stop until I have reached my goals ... You need to believe in yourself and fight to be able to do things no one has ever done before." You go, girl! We're definitely in your corner.


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