Tia Mowry Has an Empowering Message for New Moms Who Feel Pressured to "Snap Back"

Two years after giving birth to her daughter, Cairo, the mom of two shared how she lost 68 pounds in her way, on her time.

Whether you're a mom or not, if there's anyone who needs to be on your radar for workout motivation, it's Tia Mowry.

The "Sister, Sister" star works on her fitness not just to lose weight or to look a certain way, but to really take care of herself. "I have to take care of me," she captioned a 2018 workout selfie. At the time, she'd just given birth to her daughter, Cairo, and had taken to Instagram to share the challenges of balancing "me" time and caring for a newborn.

"By the end of the day, you are extremely exhausted," wrote Mowry at the time. "All you really want to do is sleep." However, she learned that it's "okay to work on you," she continued. "If you don't, nobody wins. Here's to tapping into me!"

Fast-forward roughly two years, and Mowry is now taking pride in the latest milestone of her postpartum journey. "I've lost, to date, 68 pounds since giving birth to my daughter," she wrote in a new Instagram post. "I'm very proud that I did it my way and in my time."

If you've been following Mowry on Instagram for the last two years, you already know how committed she is to exercise, healthy eating, and a generally balanced lifestyle. She's posted some of her go-to recipes, talked about the benefits of meditation, and shared her impressive workout gains. Case in point: this awesome post showing Mowry's push-up progress:

Whether she was crushing kettlebell and resistance band workouts or practicing her tree pose, Mowry's fitness mantra seems to have always remained the same: Move at your own pace. (

"Many women feel the need to snap back right away after they deliver," Mowry wrote in a 2019 Instagram post at 17 months postpartum. "That was never the goal for me."

Instead, Mowry said she documented her postpartum journey to show there's power in vulnerability and that "it is okay to love yourself no matter where you are," she wrote. (More here: How Tia Mowry Is Embracing Her Excess Skin and Stretch Marks Post-Pregnancy)

Truth is, everyone moves at their own speed, especially after giving birth. Some people want to immediately dive into an intense postpartum regimen; others prefer to ease back into a routine.

Mowry, for instance, said she took the time to enjoy breastfeeding and spending quality time with her kids before launching back into a hardcore fitness routine.

"To all the women who are feeling pressured after birth. Do YOU!" Mowry continued, concluding her most recent post. "Do what makes YOU proud and do it in YOUR time. Not anyone else's."

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