A bottle will only cost you $10.

By Faith Brar
Updated: January 10, 2017

There's no denying that all-things-unicorn dominated the latter part of 2016. Case in point: These adorable, yet delicious unicorn macarons, unicorn hot chocolate that's almost too pretty to drink, unicorn-inspired rainbow highlighter, unicorn snot glitter gel, and unicorn eyeliner. Seriously, the list goes on forever.

Just as we thought we'd left this magical trend behind, Dapper Coffee in Singapore decided to create a mysterious metallic blue drink called Unicorn Tears that has the internet in an absolute frenzy.

The drink is served in a bottle reassuring consumers that it's "mythical animal cruelty-free" and is made of "100% tears of joy." As if that wasn't enough, it also says to "shake to sparkle"-and thanks to some edible glitter, it actually works! Take a look for yourselves.

Unfortunately, there's no telling what a bottle of Unicorn Tears is actually made up of, but people on social media don't seem to care. Some have described it as lemony, while others say it tasted sweet. A few claim it tastes similar to a fruity cocktail, though it is alcohol-free.

Though a bottle of this seemingly mythical mixture is only $10, you'll have to book a flight to Singapore to enjoy its mysterious flavor. We'd highly recommend it-even if you only do it for the 'Gram.