We could get used to this.

By Faith Brar
Updated: November 01, 2016

Body diversity is a hot topic of discussion within the fashion industry, and the conversation is starting to shift more than ever. Buzzfeed is tackling the issue by entering the seemingly make-believe world of high-fashion advents.

In a recent video, they focus on six recent campaigns, replacing popular, ultra-thin, picture-perfect models with empowered plus-size women. And the results are incredible.

Not only do the women look absolutely stunning in each shoot, but they also prove how skewed society's perception of "ideal beauty" really is.

"I was actually shocked that the photo turned out as well as it did," model, Kristin, said of the experience. "I've heard so many times that my body isn't really capable of doing "beautiful fashion things" that seeing myself actually do it felt like a mistake."

Another model shared similar feelings and spoke about the importance of representation. "Every person has the right to feel beautiful without some dumbass internet doctor chiming in with some advice. Each body is special-if you feel great, that's all that matters."

It is clearer than ever that the fashion industry has been dealing failures to women for many years. For the 100 million women who aren't straight sized, shopping for clothes can be a demoralizing experience, and that simply isn't okay.

Project Runway host and fashion icon Tim Gunn made the case for inclusive clothing choices for women of all sizes in his scathing op-ed in the Washington Post earlier this year, saying the fashion industry had "turned its back on plus-size women."All women deserve to feel good wearing clothes of their choice-including high-fashion brands-and it's high-time advertisements reflected that notion.

Watch these incredible women prove the need for plus-size representation in the video below.



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