Watching this Sexy Man Slackline to Violin Music Will Make Your Day

A sexy shirtless man slacklines across a pond in a pink forest in Paris. What more do you need in life?

We've seen plenty of daredevils literally put their lives on the line while slacklining. Remember the woman who slacklined across the Alps? But no one's managed to put as magical a spin on the sport as the producers of "Headway," a new video by Yea Dude.

Yohann Grignou, an 18-year-old French filmmaker wanted to capture professional athlete Louis Boniface performing stunts on a slackline to the beat of passionate violin music. But the video became so much more than that.

Filmed in a dense, romantic forest right outside of Paris, the video is more a story of a man who picks himself up when he's down. Boniface ventures into a forest clearing, barefoot and shirtless, and is greeted by a slackline stretched across a pristine pond. A violinist stands waiting in the distance and ques him to mount and walk across the water. As his bow moves across the strings, the forest's hue changes from green to pink.

Timid at first, Boniface struggles to maintain his balance and eventually succumbs to gravity and falls into the water beneath him. The music stops. But Boniface quickly pulls himself up and takes a seat on the slackline, refusing to feel defeat.

He steadily begins to bounce on the line as the music starts up again, this time gradually increasing in tempo. The forest returns to its pink hue, but rather than simply getting up and walking across the line, Boniface explodes into backwards and forward flips accompanied by dramatic music.

The video ends with Boniface successfully making it across. Then another slackliner walks into the clearing to embark on a journey of her own. If that's not a metaphor for life, we don't know what is.

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