Wearing Only Underwear, David Beckham Tackles the 22 Push-Up Challenge on a Piano

Now that's how you get people's attention.

While we've seen several hunky celebs like Chris Evans take on the 22 Push-Up Challenge, soccer god David Beckham is taking it to bizarre extremes.

The first day, David completed his daily allotment in the aisle of an airplane, attempting to raise awareness over 30,000 feet up in the air.

On day two, however, he got a bit more creative. He pumped out his 22 push-ups wearing nothing but his underwear, next to some wine, on top of a piano, while his friend David Gardner played a gorgeous rendition of Ave Maria (hey, we're not complaining). Not sure if anyone else can top that off. Take a look for yourselves.

So far, David has nominated actor Justin Theroux to participate, along with his son Brooklyn, who unfortunately decided to do the challenge fully clothed.

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