Twitter users come to the rescue after a viral tweet shames Taylor Swift using a disturbing photo

By Faith Brar
Updated: July 07, 2016

A new viral tweet comparing Taylor Swift's vagina to a ham sandwich has the whole world saying WTF. And rightfully so. Soon after Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston sparked dating rumors, a blogger and mother, Jennifer Meyers posted this image to her social media.

Pretty revolting, right? It's one thing to have no anatomical accuracy while making such a bold statement, but to reference your daughters' genitalia on social media is completely and utterly bizarre.

Thankfully, there's a silver-lining around this situation, thanks to Twitter users who are extremely unimpressed by this tweet's slut-shaming insinuations. Thousands of people (particularity women) have held nothing back in their attempts to teach Mayers some basic (and much needed) sex ed. Take a look for yourselves.

Understandably, there's plenty more where that came from. At the end of the day, slut-shaming another woman is never the right thing to do and T-Swift's vagina (or anyone's, for that matter!) is simply no one's business.



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