"Apparently, my curves are fun to draw."

By Faith Brar
Updated: January 06, 2017

Humans Of New York, a blog by photographer Brandon Stanton, has been capturing our hearts with intimate daily scenarios for quite some time now. A recent post features a woman who found self-acceptance after participating in nude figure modeling. The unnamed woman is shown seated on a bench with a soft smile on her face.


Accompanying her beautiful image is a close-up of her cell phone gallery, showing several nude, artistic sketches of her body.


"Last year I started figure modeling for art classes," she tells HONY. "I'm plus-sized, so I was a little worried about being nude. I was nervous about everyone seeing my stomach, and my thighs, and all my fat. But apparently, my curves are fun to draw."

She continued by sharing how her perceptive of her body changed after receiving an outpouring of positive and encouraging comments from the students she was posing for.

"In the classroom, all the features I saw as negative were viewed as assets," she explained. "One student told me that it's no fun to draw straight lines. It's been liberating for me. I've always been insecure about my belly. But now my belly has been part of so many beautiful pieces of art."

The post has struck a chord with thousands of readers and has already garnered over 10,000 shares. Not only that, but over 3,000 people have commented with their support. "You are indeed a work of art just the way you are," one commenter wrote. Another said, "Plus-sized is a human construct. You are beautiful, and right-sized."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.



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