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WTF: Creepy Dudes Admit to Secretly Tracking Their Co-Worker's Period


Today in news that will infuriate you: reports that a man in Australia admitted to secretly tracking his female co-worker's period, so he'd know when to avoid her. Yes, really. No, you can't make this stuff up.

According to writer Elizabeth Daoud, a friend of hers discovered that her male co-workers were secretly keeping track of her period when she got into an argument with one of them. He asked Daoud's friend if she was on her period (it turned out she was), and she asked him how he knew. That's when he confessed to tracking her period on a calendar and sending reminders to himself and all the other male employees in their office so they could keep track of her period together.

Oh, it gets better (and by better, I mean worse): The co-worker defended his actions by saying that he was just "trying to stay away from trouble."

Daoud writes that her friend laughed it off when she found out, but Daoud wasn't as amused, especially when she found out what particular conversation had prompted her friend's colleague to start tracking her period: Turns out, while discussing relationships one day at lunch, Daoud's friend's co-worker made a comment about how Daoud's friend was still single because she talked back to him (really, dude?). Although he apologized, he later said he wouldn't have apologized so much if he had known she was on her period. Yup. He really said that.

I admire Daoud's friend for shrugging this off; I'm not so sure I'd be able to do the same thing if I were in her shoes. Anyway, pro-tip for men everywhere: Don't track your co-worker's periods. Doing so just makes you look like a jerk.


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