Once you find it, make sure to look again. You'll see something else.

By Faith Brar
Updated: November 28, 2016

Mariah Carey was one of many celebrities blowing up our Instagram feeds this Thanksgiving holiday. The singer's festive 'gram showed her posing while wearing a sexy lace-up bodysuit and skinny jeans, with some whipped cream and pie in-hand.

"#Festivating!! #happythanksgiving," she captioned the Instagram post. And while the post seemed pretty normal, on a closer look, a few of her followers spotted something strange: a distorted mirror by her shoulder and a warped cabinet by her right knee.

Within minutes, trolls started commenting. "That's got to be some of the worst photoshopping I've seen!" someone wrote. "Omlllll her body is sooooo perfect its [sic] bending cabinets and mirrors," another user commented.

via Instagram

via Instagram

But while the haters did their best to bring her down, Mariah's loyal fans quickly came to the rescue. "Let her be she looks happy," one fan wrote. "This IS 'Festivating'... doesn't look photoshopped at all. It's fun for Thanksgiving - just like all of us have. Smh," wrote another.

Despite the fiery backlash, Mariah has held her ground and still hasn't deleted the post. And why should she? She's only one of several celebrities and brands who've been caught heavily retouching their photos.

Remember when Kendall and Gigi didn't have knees on the cover of W Magazine's art issue? Or the time when Victoria's Secret made their models look unnaturally skinny? There's a lot more where that came from.

At the end of the day, Mariah is happy and healthy, and that's what truly matters. So let us all just listen to her Christmas hits and go back to enjoying the cheery holiday spirit.



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