This Firming Eye Cream Erases My Dark Circles and Depuffs My Under-Eye Bags Overnight

Even a sleepless night is no match for the hydrating formula that's currently on sale for 30 percent off.

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Shape Certified: Tula Eye Balm

Some people can rebound after a sleepless night with full energy, focus, and enthusiasm. I am not one of them — and it shows on my face. For as long as I can remember, skipping my full eight hours of sleep results in noticeably puffy and dark under-eye circles that all the coffee in the world can’t cure. With the dryness that comes along with these winter months, my “tired face” only becomes more intense, a truth that, though unfortunate, provides the perfect opportunity to test out eye creams.

At the beginning of the year, I had the opportunity to try a relatively new formula from Tula, a brand that my fellow beauty editors and I are constantly hyping for its super-effective skincare products. Consequently, I went into the trial period hoping for noticeable results, but after just one week of use, even my highest expectations were surpassed.

Tula Pro-Ferm Overnight Complex Key Features:

How I tested:  After cleansing my skin, I applied a pea-sized amount of this cream to my undereyes and left it on overnight. This remained a step in my PM beauty routine for almost two months.

Perfect for: People prone to puffiness, dark eye bags, and fine lines around their eyes. 

What you’ll love: This intensely hydrating cream contains retinol and probiotics, two ingredients that brighten skin and smooth texture.

Keep in mind: Retinol might cause irritation if used everyday. It also makes your skin more prone to sun damage, so wearing SPF during the day is a must.

Shape Certified: Tula Eye Balm

Buy It: $40 (was $56),

Tula Pro-Ferm Overnight Complex Review

Frankly, most of the eye treatments I try fail to make a difference. The delicate skin becomes dark and puffy due to a number of environmental factors, including UV exposure, dehydration, and pooling of blood due to lack of sleep. Aging and genetics also contribute to thinner skin, which loses elasticity and fullness more easily. While some skin types respond well to a simple moisturizer, many require active ingredients in order to truly address the issue. 

Like most Tula products, the Pro-Ferm Overnight Complex contains probiotics, tiny microorganisms that make up your skin’s microbiome. Supporting this protective layer on your face is crucial to preventing both excessive oiliness and dryness. Topically adding probiotics can bolster its strength while also contributing to a “more radiant” complexion, according to a previous interview with dermatologist Rhonda Klein. By adding retinol, this balm also acquires some serious defense against wrinkles, sagginess, and that purplish-gray hue that can be so hard to get rid of. A small amount of this active ingredient can increase cell turnover in the area, which in turn will boost skin volume, elasticity, and firmness.

Both of these actives take time and consistency to work their magic, so I wasn’t anticipating any drastic results after night one. However, probably due to the inclusion of ultra-hydrating squalane, glycerin, and ceramides, I woke up to notably plumper, brighter skin. After two weeks, I looked generally more awake, even after late nights out with friends that would typically leave me looking sickly and gray. Even my mom pointed out the difference during our weekly FaceTime. 

I’m almost two months in and still a big believer in this treatment. It's currently my best weapon against stubborn shadows and dehydrated-looking bags, and has dramatically slowed the rate at which I usually buy concealer. If you’re interested in trying this cream for yourself, I recommend shopping it this weekend during Tula’s 30 percent off sitewide sale. Below are a few other discounted favorites to add to your cart:

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