This Serum and Moisturizer Duo Is My Secret to Achieving a Natural ‘Glazed Donut’ Complexion

Yes, I did just compare my skin to Hailey Bieber’s.

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Editor's Pick
Courtesy of Tula.

Can I let you in on a secret? Despite being a beauty editor, I never paid much attention to the products I used on my skin — that is, until recently. I was preoccupied with my hair care obsession, focusing on testing every product under the sun to treat my androgenetic alopecia, so my skin health always took a back seat while I prioritized the quality of my mane. Sure, I always opted for gentle, hydrating, anti-acne formulas, and had a general idea of the most effective, popular brands on the market, but I had only skimmed the surface at that point. It wasn’t until trying Tula’s Wake Up and Glow Vitamin C Brightening Kit that I did a total 180 and started putting my skin’s health first. 

Tula Wake Up and Glow Vitamin C Brightening Kit Key Features:

How I tested: I used the duo, which consists of the Bright Start Moisturizer and Brightening Treatment Drops Vitamin C Serum, in my morning skincare routine for about six months, but saw a change in my complexion within weeks. 

Perfect for: Anyone with dry, dull skin that needs a brightening boost, especially in their morning skincare routine. It’s also great for anyone with acne-prone skin, as it doesn’t clog pores or leave behind an oily residue, and it minimizes dark spots and acne scars. 

What you’ll love: The brightening drops don’t have that typical sticky feel like most serums on the market, and both the formulas have a slight fruity-and-floral scent that smells clean without feeling overwhelming or adding irritation. Plus, both products come in pretty, pastel blue packaging with easy-to-use applicators, so they look great on your bathroom shelves. 

Keep in mind: The results of this skincare duo are subtle; don’t expect to wake up with wrinkle-free, flawless skin overnight. The combo builds on itself, brightening and hydrating the skin with every use. 

Key ingredients: Probiotic extracts, prebiotics, a triple vitamin C complex, Japanese mandarin, and hyaluronic acid.

Editor's Pick
Courtesy of Tula.

Buy It: Tula Wake Up and Glow Vitamin C Brightening Kit, $88, 

Tula Wake Up and Glow Vitamin C Brightening Kit Review:

I first discovered the Brightening Kit duo the same way most people discover new skincare products: stealing a squeeze or two from my friend’s bathroom collection (if you’re reading this, I owe you). Let me set the scene for you: Late last summer, I spent a day dehydrating my skin in a chlorine-filled pool followed by hours in direct sunlight, so by the time I showered that evening, my skin was begging me for any kind of moisture. That’s when I spotted Tula’s Bright Start Moisturizer on a shelf in my friend’s bathroom. Given the fact that she has a natural complexion so flawless it looks photoshopped, I decided to steal a dollop of the moisturizer to give it a quick test run on my face.

You know those skincare commercials that give a magnified, close-up animation of a hydrating product soaking into the skin? I felt like I was in one of those ads: After feeling dry and flaky all day, my dry face texture turned moist and supple within seconds; the sensation was virtually instantaneous. 

It was clear that my old moisturizer would simply no longer cut it. I went to order my own tub of the brightening formula and stumbled across the two-in-one, Wake Up and Glow Vitamin C Brightening Kit, which includes both the Bright Start Moisturizer and Brightening Treatment Drops Vitamin C Serum. If the moisturizer alone had me under its spell, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that the brightening drops would render the same reaction. I ordered the duo, and lo and behold, I was right. 

After about a week of consistent daily use — which involved gently massaging the serum into my skin post-cleanse and following it up with a few pumps of the moisturizer — I could actually feel a change in my skin texture. What was once dry, cracked, and often bumpy, was now soft and smooth. Within a month of use, it was obvious that its brightening and spot-erasing properties were effective. My acne scars from decades of picking at breakouts were disappearing, and my often red, inflamed T-zone (which IMO, resembled the sickly pink skin of a newborn mouse) diminished into an even, healthy- (and human-) looking skin tone. My skin is so glowy and supple, I can’t help but feel like Hailey Bieber in a TikTok tutorial when I apply it every morning — and not to compare myself to the beauty G.O.A.T., but it’s actually given me a natural, “glazed donut” complexion

Dozens of five-star reviews from people of all ages with a variety of skin types echo my experiences with the kit. If your skin is thirsting for hydration or just needs a little bit of zhuzh, start by adding the Wake Up and Glow Vitamin C Brightening Kit to your routine. I have a funny feeling it won’t be long before it earns its permanent place in your medicine cabinet, too.  

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