Just the other night when checking my email, I received a timely story from a dear friend in South Africa about two horses, one of which was blind. The horse that could see wore a bell around its neck so that that the blind horse could always hear where his friend was. Often, when heading to the stables for the night, the horse with the bell around its neck would turn around to make sure the blind horse wasn't too far behind. This story served as a powerful reminder that it's okay to depend on friends sometimes; that it's okay when you can't do everything on your own.

Today was the longest ride of the week. To reach our next destination, we had to cover a lot of ground which included a total of seven hours in the saddle and 23 miles! After finishing day four with success, I was pleased to be setting out with the group for day five of the expedition. I rode for a total of two hours and through a three mile trot before I acknowledged to myself that I had come a long way (much further than I had ever really believed I would come after just day one). So, after we stopped for lunch (veal, traditional Spanish egg omelets, avocado and tomato salad, and peppers) I decided to take a much-needed break. I needed help; I needed someone else to wear the bell so I could follow. So, I took the bridle and saddle off of Cisco and gave him a break too.

Today's picture is one of my favorites. Watching Cisco follow the other horses through the mountains as he stayed behind and let them take the lead felt rewarding in its own special way. For me, well, I can say the same as I rode with Anna in the van. By doing this, I was able to enjoy Spain from a different perspective, as well as capture a lot of great pictures of the other riders in the group and enjoy Cisco from a different approach. Life for me, especially after today, isn't always about pushing myself to a point of disappointment or doing something just because everyone else is doing it. We all have our place and we all have to respect our limits. If you keep your ears open for it, there's usually a bell out there somewhere guiding each of us on our way.

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